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About Us 
This site has been created with the sole purpose of publicizing the utmost importance of the gravity of abuse that exists and is prevalent in Kentucky. Our team is committed to meeting those needs as well as working with other agencies to provide any help possible. We do not solicit nor accept donations. We are funded by the founder and by the advocates of this site. If you wish to donate we will refer you to an appropriate organization. 
We will also be be creating avenues of guidance and help for the abuser. 
Periodically we will share short true stories that became nightmares. For
example, the woman who was forced to walk along the lake for hours with a gun to her head or the man who had boiling hot water with drano thrown in his face. Perhaps we will hear from the abuser who was insanely jealous. Soon we will hear from a lady who lost all of her teeth after being hit repeatedly about the face with the butt of a rifle.
We wish to thank all that contributed ideas and suggestions regarding our site.
Regarding the picture on our header. It was designed by a young woman
who has suffered the pain of abuse. She wanted to make a contribution so we  gladly accepted her contribution. We realize it's a little rough but it does get attention.
The ASPCA and  the AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY spend thousands if not millions of dollars on their causes. They receive a lot of attention and yet the abuse of humans does not. The only attention that abuse victims
receive is in their obituaries. That is the reason we will accept any attention we can get.
This site has been on line for a short time and yet we are so very proud
to announce that Dr JIM MUSE and his staff in Somerset Kentucky have
offered to to assist the young woman that lost her teeth as a result
of battery with a rifle butt. Soon her dental work will be complete and then once again she can learn to smile. Perhaps later she can learn to trust and believe and recover her long lost self esteem. We must also
give our deepest gratitude and appreciation to his office manager and
wife, Megan Muse for kindly coordinating and helping in this most
worthy and touching cause.
Not what we wanted to hear but WLEX TV announced this last week
that KENTUCKY is now also # 1 in ANIMAL ABUSE.
We are pleased to announce that Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear
has informed us that he is sharing our web site information with his
appropriate staff.
We at Wake up Kentucky are proud to show the following letters that we received from two Angels. The actual signed letters will remain on file with Wake up Kentucky.
To whom it may concern;
I am a resident of Somerset Kentucky and for 17 years I was a victim of domestic violence. I finally escaped my tormentor with the support of my parents and children, an EPO and DVO, and the grace of God. I cannot
speak for every survivor because each story no matter how similar is also very unique. One thing, however, that most survivors know or soon realize is that escaping the situation is unfortunately not the end of the story, but very much the beginning. A victims escape can be very dangerous, even deadly so their attempts are more often than not aided by other people. These people range from loved ones to strangers working with one organization or another depending on circumstances  of the individual victim. It took me many years to get the courage and strength to get out and only then did I begin to view this as a First Step
toward the start of a new life with new relationships instead of the end
of an 18 year marriage ( 20 year relationship). No matter if it was an abusive relationship/marriage to think of as ending can be very sad, lonely, and scary. Like most people I thought that once I got out of this abusive situation everything would be automatically be clearer and easier for me, but it was not so. I found myself in an even more scarier situation than that of being tortured mentally and physically by my spouse. When I was being abused I basically knew what to expect, but with this new beginning in life I found myself feeling all alone and unsure of everything in my life. I found that there is much less help for people once they have removed themselves from a domestic violence situation
than I think there should be. Some agencies and organizations offer a limited amount of free counseling but other services that are sometimes
needed by these survivors (as with myself) may not seem as like
necessities to some people and organizations therefore they are not readily available or are not affordable to someone trying to start over
and get on their feet financially as well. Personally, 18 years of abuse and injuries had left me with many emotional and physical scars. I had broken bones, no confidence, no pride, scars on my body and face, no self respect, nerve damage to my face (leaving the left side of it
permanently numb), and gradually with all my teeth missing I lost my self esteem. Once free him I was in a sense still was being a prisoner because I still had the physical scars and problems that made me feel unattractive and there lingering echoes of his verbal abuse. When I pulled myself out of my depression enough to get a job I was still very insecure in public especially around males. I cried myself to sleep almost every night from either loneliness or hopelessness. I began to feel as though the second chance at life that God had given me daughter was wasted on me.
Then my oldest, knowing my situation, introduced to this very kind man who told me about his website, www.wakeupkentucky.net and I told him more of my story. I felt very comfortable talking to him but was very surprised when he offered to help me continue my journey of survival by offering assistance not usually the type offered to domestic victims. He wanted to help me get a new set of dentures. This was something I had checked into on my own but could not afford so I was very excited. He
and everyone associated with "Wake up Kentucky" collaborated with Dr Jim Muse and his staff to make my dentures. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who had a hand in making and paying for the dentures. They gave so much more than a beautiful set of teeth to
an emotionally and financially struggling woman. They gave me back my smile which my family or myself had not seen in years. They gave me confidence and self esteem which continues to grow with every day that I wear my new smile. They gave me back hope for a future and the will  to continue moving forward and rediscovering the me that had been lost amid the bruises and black eyes. They gave my children a happy more carefree mother which the totally deserve. Once again I would like to thank the founder of "Wake up Kentucky" and Dr Jim Muse and his entire
staff. I can never repay them for all that thiner gift has meant to me and my family and our futures. All I can do is make the most of this gift by graciously taking it and my new chance at life and being the best daughter, sister, mother and all around person that I that I can be. I
will also tell anyone who will listen to me that there are people out there
willing to help survivors after they have escaped with things that may not seem like much but really mean the world. I will tell them how these
people gave my life back to me through a smile !
V. J.
I'd like to share with you a very touching, personal and life changing experience my mother and myself have went through with the help
of the founder of wakeupkentucky.net.
On the 6th of February 2013 we had the pleasure of meeting with almost a dozen ministers from the southern part of Kentucky. We were greeted
with warmth and concern for our cause. We are proud to list their names.
JOE COX-First Apostolic Church, Somerset Kentucky  CAREY-DEBBIE CAREY-Health Ministries, Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital
STEVE HALL-High Street Baptist Church
DUDLEY BRYANT-Quinton Baptis Church
MAJOR NOLAN-New Enterprise Baptist Church
BILL BRIGGS-Open Door Ministries
JOHN HALE-Somerset Christian Schools
Dr OJ Stein-St Mildreds Catholic Church
DAVID BERRIOS-World Ablaze Church
A special thanks to Debbie Carey who arranged our meeting.
There are more names that we will post when we receive their releases.
I would also like to thank recent Democratic US Senatorial Candidate
DARLENE FITZGERALD PRICE for allowing us to participate on her weekly radio talk show TRUTH OR POLITICS on WHAY FM  98.3
 This allows us another avenue of communicating with the public.
A guilty verdict announced today in Monticello. This last week I sat watching and listening. Last year on a warm day in July a 17 month old
precious little boy lost his life. Today his mother and her boyfriend were convicted of his death.
A not guilty verdict was announced several weeks ago in the death of another child. The child drank from a cup containing liquid fire an ingredient that his father was using to manufacture meth.
I can only imagine the terrible pain suffered by this innocent child.
In both cases Ignorance, stupidity and negligence were the reasons these
children lost their lives.